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The Hunger Games: Photosensitivity Warning

Folks with photosensitive migraines or epilepsy or other conditions triggered by flashing lights: take note. I wanted to give people a fair heads-up: there is about 90 seconds of flashing lights in the movie, plus a bit of flickering in a separate instance.

For details on when these occur, click the jump. (No particular spoilers, IMO, if you’ve read the books, but if you’d rather be completely safe, here is where you should stop reading.) I hope this helps people. Please feel free to share.











Flashing Lights:

When Coin says that the fighters from the Capitol are just moments away, the lights go out and the strobe-like flashing starts while Katniss is in the stairwell. There is a brief respite of about 20 seconds in the middle of it, but don’t be fooled! The flashing continues. There is a countdown. The flashing stops once the countdown ends.



It is relatively mild, but if you are already on-edge after the earlier flashing, it is worth being aware of this. During the rescue operation, the video signal goes down and there is flickering static. The flickering stops once you hear Snow’s voice clearly.

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